Why Group Fitness Classes & Gyms Fail!

by | Oct 13, 2021 | All, Exercise

Stop beating yourself up! You were setup to fail by most fitness companies! Did you know Gyms and most group classes don’t want to see you succeed there is no money in it.

How can we make a bold statement like that! Think about it this way a majority of gyms and these new fitness group classes make it mandatory that you do automatic recurring billing. Why do they do this they know the dirty little secret of the industry that the average of clients that use their membership. The Average membership is 10% to 30% Utilized more than twice a week. That means over 90% to 70% don’t even come in! But hey they’ll keep on drafting your account until you say stop! So what they do best is they sign up as many people as possible knowing that a majority them wont even come in. Here is the kicker Because if all these clients did come in they would shut down their business.Think about it if All of the thousands of people that had a gym membership showed up you couldn’t even open the doors same with these group classes thousands sign up but the average class size is 8 to 30 people hmmm funny math right. So the truth is they are in the business of not having you use your membership at all they are hoping that they make just affordable enough that you will keep paying monthly knowing the odds are that you wont show up!

Here is how the psychology works on their best interest.

We have even joined one of those 6 week boot camps, crossfit or high intensity group class then right away we realize your way over your head you have to be an athlete or least under the age of 25 just to finish the class. What’s worse because there’s too many people not enough trainers very little monitoring on proper technique plus the lack of personal guidance you now have developed an injury that has set you back even more! As you you can see repeating this pattern is a waste of time, money and effort for you. Some do ok with that above but statics say something very different.



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