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  • Burn Fat & Build Lean Muscle
  • Gain Strength & Flexibility
  • Learn proper form & technique
  • Avoid setbacks & injuries
  • Increase conditioning & balance
  • Feel younger and have more energy
  • Become more confident and intuned with your body

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Change your Life With No Excuse Fitness Personal Trainers!

If you’re tired of waiting to “get in shape” then now’s the time to take action and get in the best physical and mental shape of your life. At No Excuse Fitness, our personal trainers want to prove to you that we can get you results! That’s right, we want to help you begin transforming your life today we will educate you on how and what to eat  to destroy fat and the best way to train your body for lifelong results.

Let us help you achieve core stability, balance and flexibility so you can be more active outdoors, play with your kids, climb those mountains, or have the physical and emotional strength you need to live out your life's adventures.

Connect with us today and we’ll give you the training and the direction you need to eat right, live healthy, and exercise like a champion—also you will burn off that stubborn fat and finally reveal those strong, lean muscles.

We’re here to keep you committed so you can push yourself to new fitness levels, drop the extra fat, and see the results that matter to you.

  • No more leaving the top button of your jeans unbuttoned to be comfortable.
  • No more getting out of breath or sweating after a few flights of stairs.
  • No More Guessing on what you should eat or how you should train personally for your goals.
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Here are some Reviews of our Happy Clients

Why Hire No Excuse Fitness?

No Excuse Fitness has been in business for over 20 years!

Voted as one of the Top Personal Training Studios in Costa Mesa & Newport Beach since 1996!

  • We’ve completed more than 250,000 personal training sessions, trained over 3500 Clients and help burned over 23 tons of fat since 1996. That’s a quarter million one-on-one training sessions. Talk about experience!
  • Our No Excuse male & female personal trainers Aka “Coaches” are nationally certified and provide customized training based on your individual needs combined with their real world experience. Our Coaches i.e. personal trainers, will be excited, motivated, and dedicated to focusing on your personal goals and will be driven to make fitness a realistic lifestyle.
  • We at No Excuse Fitness have specialized in 1 on 1 personal training since 1996. Plus we love helping our clients by personally designing, implementing, and taking you through the step-by-step process on how to adopt a lifelong, successful fitness program.
  • However, we don't do bootcamps. If you are wanting a one size fits all group class or a bootcamp with no personal direction on how to train for your individual goals, then we are not the place for you. If you’re wanting a bootcamp class, contact us we will recommend a place right down the street from us.
  • Can we share a personal trainer? Of Course you can! If you would like to share one of our personal trainers with a friend, spouse or coworker to save money or for more support? No problem, we can do that. We can still give you high quality instruction plus safety with only 2 people per trainer. Contact us to find out how the second person can train for free saving you even more $$$!

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5 Things We will do to make sure your Fitness goals become a reality!

  • We will complete a bodyfat assessment to learn your lean body weight and fat weight to measure your basal metabolic rate
  • We will Factor in your personal Genetics and Lifestyle. By completing our Questionnaire
  • Than we will go over your answers and goals to design you a unique long term fitness plan
  • Next we create your eating & fitness program tailored to your goals no one size fits all
  • Finally we will help you execute your plan weekly with hands-on Accountability & motivation.

You will not be Alone with No Excuse Fitness Personal Trainers!


We will also be providing you with ongoing knowledge, guidance and support. Your special Your Different don't waste your time, money and safety with a one dimensional fly by night personal trainer. Hire one of our Professional caring No Excuse Fitness personal trainers and receive the 1 on 1 personal attention you deserve! Contact us today to book a time and to get started! Please try and book Asap especially if you are wanting either Morning or Evening times they are very popular times so open slots are limited! Call or Text 949-313-4034 to grab your day and times now.

Certified Male and Female Personal Trainers in Costa Mesa, CA

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1 on 1 Personal Training

Don't do it alone! Hire a Personal trainer for the ultimate accountability and results. Everyone is Different example Genetics, Flexibility, Motivation, Injuries, Age, Food preference and so much more. With 1 on 1 personal training we will help you succeed.

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Personal Training Clients Before and After

4 Things you need to know before you hire a personal trainer!

If you have been doing your research and searching the internet for 1 on 1 personal training, you will see a lot of great places being advertised online. Don't be fooled read this article before you make a final decision.

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No Excuse Fitness Testimonials

Heather M. Heather M., Newport Beach, CA

I can't say enough great things about No Excuse Fitness! The trainers are all top notch and super nice. I feel like I get a great workout. I train mostly with Jay and he's one of the best trainers I've ever had. He takes time to vary the workouts which usually target multiple muscle groups. He's motivating, fun to train with and takes the time to correct and explain proper form. They are affordable and flexible with your schedule which is so helpful since mine varies from week to week. Truly no excuses with this gym - you won't be disappointed!

 Paula D. Paula D., Costa Mesa, CA

I have worked out with Nigel and He pushes me harder than I would ever push myself but not so hard I feel wiped out. Through his workouts, food critiques and encouragement, Nigel has reduced my body fat %, increased lean muscle mass, and my overall weight.  I have a way to go to reach my goal, but I know that with Nigel's help I can get there.  The small club environment is like a family - everyone is great!  Never overly crowded.  Shower facilities for those who need to get back to work after their workout.  I would recommend them to anyone needing personal attention.

Gavin J. Gavin J., Corona del Mar, Newport Beach

I have been going to No Excuse since September 2015 and I have been very happy about making the decision to become a healthier person. Richard, the owner is a great guy and very invested in the success of his clients. He really knows what he's talking about and has been in the business for years! All the trainers are friendly, fun to talk to, and knowledgable.

Kristen S. Kristen S., Costa Mesa, Ca

This Personal Training Studio is PERFECT for someone that is wanting to get fit in a good environment and on a budget! The prices here are so affordable compared to all the other personal trainers in the area. The gym is always clean. The staff is so nice and helpful and always greeting you when you walk in the door. This is 110% worth the money for personal training.

Lisa L. Lisa L., Newport beach, CA

When I originally went to No Excuse Fitness I was about 40 lbs over weight size 9. After 3 months he had transformed my body into perfection. I could fit into anything, I sleep well a night and changed my diet. After the 3 months the weight just melted off me and I received many complements about how I looked. I had muscles but wasn't buffed. It was amazing that Richard was able to motivate me to change my health, I received nothing but positive feedback from people. No Excuse takes their job seriously and if you want an awesome trainer, and motivator call them today. Thank you No Excuse Fitness!

Ray & Felicitas Ray & Felicitas, Irvine Ca

We have been coming to No Excuse Fitness for close to 18 years. I appreciate how much they care about our health and Safety. With us consistenly training with Richard we have had so much energy, stregnth and alot more. I feel without having a personal trainer I would of stopped working out along time ago. We are now in our 70's and still going strong! Thank you No Excuse Fitness 🙂

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