4 Tips Hiring Personal Trainer


  • Are these Private or Group Training?

If you have been doing your research and searching the internet for 1 on 1 personal training, you will see a lot of great places being advertised online. However, be aware a large percentage of these companies are saying that they offer personal training, however, when you show up, you are thrown into a group training class. When you contact these personal training gyms, our tip is ask if the offer is for 1on1 personal training or a small group class. At No Excuse Fitness, we only do 1 on 1 Personal Training. We also do couples training for those that want to share a trainer with a spouse or friend.

  • How long have you been in business?

Ask how long they have been in business, not how long they have been training. A trainer could of started last week in business but been technically training for 5 years. Hiring an individual trainer or a fairly new business can be risky especially when 50% fail the first year and 70% in 10 years. Just because they are a good trainer doesn't makes them a good businessman. We have heard unfortunate stories of people paying 4 to 12 months upfront for personal training- spending thousands of dollars and than the trainer quits, leaves town or the gym closes. At No Excuse Fitness, we have been in business since 1996, over 20 years. We are way over that 10 year hump and we don't sell long term contracts or demand big sums of money upfront for large packages. We want to make sure you’re always happy with our service. We want to earn your business and trust, not talk you into giving up a large sum of money, than hope you never use your sessions.

  • How will you train me for my goals?

Look at the gyms website- what type of training pictures do you see them doing on their site. If you see a lot of 20 year-olds flipping tires in parking lots or you see large squat racks and people lifting heavy amounts of weights in a warehouse, this could be the perfect place or the worst place for you. Unfortunately, some trainers only have one style of training and if you hire them, that will have to be your style which could be aligned with your goals but if your not looking to be the next powerlifting champion you might want to go somewhere else. We have a saying here at No Excuse Fitness- an average personal trainer works on their agenda, a great personal trainer works on your agenda. Meaning that a top professional trainer has the knowledge and mastery of many training disciplines and will apply the correct ones to attain your individual goals making sure it will fit within your lifestyle for long term success. That's exactly what we do here- it is based on your needs not ours.

  • How do you track your results?

Do they offer Assessments and help you with food planning? Is it included or an extra charge? We at No Excuse Fitness believe you cannot separate food and exercise and expect to be totally successful! Also, Assessments can be subjective based on what system they use? Tape measurement, Body Fat calipers, and electro impedance are the main types. When you become a Private 1on1 Client with us you will get All three assessments done at no cost.

At No Excuse Fitness we encourage you to compare us to the others! We are driven to prove to you that we will offer you great results, service and value! We have created a comparison sheet below:

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