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Get the Guidance, Accountability and Support you always needed to attain the results you have been Looking for to get you in shape. No Excuse Fitness Has been Providing Top Rated 1on1 personal training service since 1996. Every Personal Training Sessions is Tailored to your Unique Body type, Goals, and we always factor in your personal limitations. Meaning we will provide you with safe effective workout routines that will help you Burn Fat, Increase Muscle, Flexibility, balance, Strength and So Much More.

What advice do you have for me when looking to hire an OC Personal Trainer?

No Excuse Fitness personal trainers are some of the best in the country. And with our strict standards of quality, you will never find a wasteful hour with your trainer! Like all good personal training staff, our trainers will at first assess your overall health, noting any underlying medical conditions that need attention. Whether you’re after an overall fitness regimen or a fat-burning weight loss program. Find a personal trainer that you feel comfortable with and make sure they work with your goals and individual needs.

Our Personal Training staff will provide you with

  • A fitness regimen which encompasses your goals and expectations, taking note of any medical conditions that should be addressed prior to training
  • They will provide you with an easy-to-follow motivational exercise program that will stick and that will provide maximum results in no time at all!
  • And lastly, they will provide you with a dietary plan (if requested) to help enhance the efficiency of the training regimen. All the while you will be monitored, guided, and motivated to go through with your fitness regimen, until the personal training coach can attest that you will keep at it on your own without need for further guidance.

No Excuse Fitness personal trainers guarantees a professional, fun, and dynamic fitness program which you will enjoy. What’s more, we realize that there is a need for a balance between solo training and assisted training. No Excuse Fitness training programs make use of both physical training and the easier, machine-assisted training. We guarantee that every No Excuse Fitness personal training coach will devote their time and effort to understanding your medical condition, fitness needs, and overall health requirements

Our Personal Training staff does not

  • Push the clients too hard, to the point of exhaustion. We understand that everyone has different levels of endurance, and No Excuse Fitness personal trainers will ensure that you get a fitness regimen which is optimized for you!
  • Endorse or promote ineffective, time-wasting exercises which do little more than make a profit out of what should be a good and honest job!
  • Our No Excuse Fitness trainers will not give unsolicited advice with regards to your health and nutrition without prior knowledge of your medical conditions.

Meet Your Orange County Male Personal Trainers

Nigel's Bio

One of the Top fitness coaches we have is Nigel. He started out as a nutritionist, and eventually became involved with people lose weight through fitness. Later on, he became a certified fitness trainer after he moved from Yuciapa in 2007. Since then, he has become one of the most reliable fitness trainers at No Excuse Fitness.

Nigel is a competitive trainer with the right knowledge and skills to provide clients with the most efficient and effective fitness program. While it may be candid that people go to the gym to exercise, eat right, and implement a healthy lifestyle, it might not be as simple as you think. You need someone like Nigel who has skills and experience to help you lose weight. Here are some of the reasons why Nigel is the right man for the job as your personal trainer.

Rigo's Bio

Rigo Has been Hitting the Gym and Training his body to be in the best physical shape For over 10 years. When Rigo first started his Journey in Fitness, he weighed 135Lbs. With his focus on Perfecting His Workouts and Nutrition he has built himself up to 185Lbs of Muscle and dropping his body fat to 7%!

Rigo has also trained in Muay Thai kick boxing since 2004. He has even lived and trained in Thailand to perfect his love for the sport. Since 2010, Rigo has been working With No Excuse Fitness to become one of our Finest Personal Trainers.


Jon's Bio

The reason I love training others has grown from my personal love of sports and fitness. Fitness changed my life for the better more than 15 years ago. I began working out to change the way my body looked and over the years it became a hobby I couldn't live without.

I believe that diet and exercise are the key to a happy and successful life, I also believe that most of the problems that people have these days stem from a lack of the two. Obviously diet and exercise can fight against disease but the thing that people don't always touch on is what a great antidepressant, motivator, and quality of life enhancer it is.

I love personal training because if I can show someone the hidden benefits it can provide (confidence, better relationships, better jobs, better sleep, motivation, discipline, happiness), and they see it for themselves, than I have truly changed their life for the better.

I love Personal Training because it is making a living doing something I'm passionate about and actually making a difference, and I just love being in the gym.

David's Bio

David, discovered his passion for fitness and the gym around the early age of 14. He was involved with many sports growing up so, the gym seemed like a necessity to progress as an athlete.

"I ended up enjoying the gym for more reasons than just training for a sport... the gym was an escape for me. It became like a second home and It also, helped me release and keep my focus".

 "Aside from music, I consider working out to be like my therapy Haha I really enjoy challenging my body and feeling strong"

David has had the pleasure of competing against many great athletes including, being featured as an elite athlete on CMT's hit TV show "Steve Austins Broken Skull Challenge".

David's involvement in fitness has allowed him to be an ambassador for many projects in the industry over the years. David brings a new approach to the fitness world by combining a whole lot of edge to go with a whole lot of strength.

Although, David has never had the desire to compete as a professional body builder David's, versatile and unique approach combining his background in martial arts along side years of experience as a top, sought after personal trainer makes him one of the best in the business.

In addition, David Christopher is also, recognized as a musician leading him to quickly become branded as "The Punk Rock athlete" and a very  “fit musician”.


Meet Your Orange County Female Personal Trainers

Hannah's Bio

Hey guys! My name is Hannah Moody and I am a certified personal trainer and online coach living in beautiful Huntington Beach, California. I graduated college in 2015 with my Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, which has helped me expand and further my knowledge about the human body, health, and fitness.

I have been active pretty much my whole life, in and out of different sports, but I found that my true happy place was the weight room. I began seriously lifting and becoming interested in the sport of bodybuilding during college, and I have been addicted ever since.

I am also a nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor, and the sport of competing has definitely stolen my heart. Through competing, I feel like I have grown the most, pushed my limits, and become the strong, confident woman I am today. My mission and goal is to help YOU find this passion and strength within yourself too, where you literally feel like you can do anything, because YOU CAN.

It takes hard work and discipline, but the feeling of accomplishment is worth all of the sacrifice and pain. For me, fitness provided an outlet for the stress and chaos of everyday life. Although fitness may not be everyone’s passion or strong suit, I believe it can provide a pathway to becoming the best you can be in all areas of life.

I hope to help you accomplish whatever goals and dreams you may have, and to inspire you to live life to your full potential every day!


Sybil's Bio

Are you looking for success in becoming healthier? If so, Sybil is the perfect Personal Trainer for you. Sybil is skilled in working with elderly and also special population individuals with a condition.

If you want to lose body fat, gain more muscle or you are currently a trained athlete looking to improve your performance, schedule a complimentary consultation, She would love to have you as a new clients.

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