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One-on-One Personal Fitness Training

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If you’re tired of waiting to “get in shape” then now’s the time to take action and get in the best physical and mental shape of your life. At No Excuse Fitness, our personal trainers want to prove to you that we can get you results! That’s right, we want to help you begin transforming your life today we will educate you on how and what to eat  to destroy fat and the best way to train your body for fast results.

  • No more leaving the top button of your jeans unbuttoned to be comfortable.
  • No more getting out of breath or sweating after a few flights of stairs.
  • And no more paying for gym membership fees you never use because there’s no accountability!

Let us help you achieve core stability, balance and flexibility so you can be more active outdoors, play with your kids, climb those mountains, or have the physical and emotional strength you need to live out your life's adventures.

Connect with us today and we’ll give you the training and the direction you need to eat right, live healthy, and exercise like a champion—also you will burn off that stubborn fat and finally reveal those strong, lean muscles.

We’re here to keep you committed so you can push yourself to new fitness levels, drop the extra fat, and see the results that matter to you. How are we so confident that we can help you turn it all around? Simple.

  • We’ve completed more than 250,000 personal training sessions since 1996. That’s a quarter million one-on-one training sessions. Talk about experience!
  • Our No Excuse Orange County personal trainers are nationally certified and provide training based on real world experience. They will work with your personal goals and will make fitness a realistic lifestyle.
  • We offer competitive rates on one-on-one training and we even offer small group classes that will help you be able to afford the help you need! we will also price match 🙂 contact us to find out our rates.

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No Excuse Fitness Personal Fitness Training Services we provide:

1 on 1 Personal Training +

This is our passion! We have been offering 1 on 1 Personal Training in our Private Fitness Studio since 1996. 1 on 1 Personal training is the best way for any Male or Female to get in shape. Why? Everyone is Different example Genetics, Flexibility, Motivation, Injuries, Age, Food preference and so much more.

With 1on1 personal training you will get something tailored to your specific needs. You are a one of a kind person you deserve to have something designed around you and make it a Lifestyle for you . Also you get the benefit of having times set by you. No More of your time dictated by a class Schedule If you want 5:30 am in the morning or 8pm at nite its up to you because our personal trainers works around your schedule. The only one downside to 1 on1 personal training is typically the affordability. We feel we offer the best service and price in Orange County. So what do we charge for 1on1 personal training? We are Always offering special promotions & incentives to new and existing clients that our Average rate for 1on1 personal training is anywhere between $45 To $35 per session it can go as low as $30 per session if you're willing to come in 4 to 5 times a week.

However we always believe in offering a Free Trial session to meet our personal trainers. All you have to do is contact us and ask for your free 1 hour consultation.

Small Group Personal Training +

Due to the popularity of boot camps and large group classes, No Excuse Fitness offers Small Group Personal Training! We are committed to quality instruction, that you just can’t get in a boot camp or these large group class 10 or more people. By limiting it to no more than 3 to 4 people you still get your Personalized Instruction! Why compromise?

Get the attention you deserve! Perfect for coworkers, friends or people on a budget that needs the guidance and accountability of personal training.

Meals Planning +

We will always give you recipes and meal ideas as being a member of No Excuse Fitness at no charge However if your needing even more help? Having your meals actually made for you is the best way to reach your fitness goals fast. That is why we have teamed up with a Macro Box Meals prep companies based on your personal needs and they will have all your meals covered. Have your Breakfast, snacks, lunch and Dinners hand made for you.

Just warm them up and eat healthy balanced meals without any worries of eating too many Calories. Price on meals are all different based on each meal and how many of the meals you want made for you. So with this service price varies unless you just want to utilize our information for Free.

Fitness Assessments and Tracking +

We have our very own app at No Excuse Fitness. Our App syncs with most devices, Like Fitbit, Jawbone , Polar and more. Our app can link up with Myfitnesspal, Mapmyfitness, runkeeper and others. This helps us provide first rate tracking and Accountability. You can track workouts and food anywhere that your phone can go. We also weight you and use Medical grade body fat calipers to asses your bodyfat levels giving us the the necessary information we need to give you exactly how many calories, Carbohydrates, proteins and fats you should be having on a daily basis. With these tools your results will happen at a pace you have always dreamed of.

This Service is absolutely Free! 0 Zilch Nada So why not get the best Guidance in town by hiring us. All you have to Do is contact us and ask for your free 1 hour consultation.

In Home Personal Training +

This service is the most luxurious service we have. Having a personal trainer come to you is the most Convenient way to get your workouts in. No getting out of personal training when one of our personal trainers comes knocking on your Door! However We add an Additional $20 to $25 to each session. Reason why is the personal trainer's driving back and forth from their location and yours takes twice the time.

If you are wanting a personal trainer to come to you we still offer a free session to try them out. All you have to do is contact us and book it.

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**New clients only cannot be combined with any other offers.**

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