Orange County’s Personal Trainers have been Changing lives Since 1996. No Excuse Fitness 1on1 Personal Training Studio Is Just What You Have been Looking for! Why wait another day to get healthy & Lean?

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1 on 1 Personal Training

We offer 1on1 Personal Training At our Private Fitness Studio. We Service Orange Counties surrounding Area’s Newport Beach , Costa Mesa, Irvine, South Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, North Laguna Beach, Fountain Valley.

Male Personal Trainers

We have some of the finest Male personal trainers in Orange County. They are all Nationally Certified with Years of Experience in giving First Class Personal Training with lasting Results

Female Personal Trainers

Personal train with Orange Counties Top Female personal trainers. They are Nationally Certified. They are committed and focused on catering to your individual Fitness needs providing you a Firm body & Strong mind.

Nutrition & Meal Planning

What you eat is responsible to over 60% of the results you will get in the gym. That is why its Always included for Free in our personal training services. We offer Nutritional outlines and meal plans that are customized to your unique needs.

Here are a Few Testimonials of the thousands of clients we have helped Change their lives.


 No Excuse Fitness Client - Cameron

No Excuse Fitness Client - Lisa

No Excuse Fitness Client - Jason

No Excuse Fitness Client - Tracy


We will be Happy to meet you for a  Free 1 Hour Consultation. Talk and Train with us first before you make a decision. We want you to experience why we are known to be the best service and Value for 1on1 personal training in town. All you have to do to claim your free consultation is Call or Fill out our Contact us Form! Phone 949-313-4034

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Connect with Us

Read on to learn More...

Why wait another day feeling out of shape with little energy & being embarrassed to wear clothes that don’t fit you anymore. No Excuse Fitness is ready to give you the highest quality personal training service with one goal, to get you results! We are centrally Located in Newport Beach, just minutes from Costa Mesa, Irvine, Santa Ana and South side of Huntington Beach.  With our professional Team of Nationally certified Male and Female Personal trainers they will help you transform your body and improve your health by educating you first hand on what it takes to get you on the fast track to eating healthy foods that will ignite your Fat burning Furnace. Educating you on proper training techniques and maximizing your results are among our top priorities. In addition to this, we pay close attention to your form to avoid injuries and we can customize workouts that accommodate any physical limitations you may have example Back, knee shoulder and much much more .

We have been providing fantastic results for our clients in Orange County since 1996. Our Service is of the highest quality for 1on1 personal training. We do not offer 3 to 10 people group personal training Aka “Semi privates” or Boot Camps! Beware a large percentage of other local gyms are promoting these group classes as personal training. We at No Excuse Fitness only focus on 1on1 personal training. we believe in Why get lost with a higher risk of injuries in a pack of 4 to 20 people? For just a few dollars more you could get one on one personalized personal training with one of our certified personal trainers. We have been known to have the best personal training rates in Orange county since we opened our doors back in 1996. We are typically 40 to 50 percent less per session than most personal training studios throughout Orange county, especially corporate gyms and franchises. Our rates are such a good value, we have had to remove them from our website because some of our so called competitors are advertising personal training at our rates and then switching these clients to these group classes discussed earlier when they get there! Save your time and frustration I guarantee you when you try us out and experience the quality of our service combined with our simple affordable rates for real 1on1 personal training you would be considered Crazy to go somewhere else! If you are you looking for Accountability, Guidance, Personalization, With no risk of injuries and you would like to workout to a pace customized to you?

No Excuse Fitness 1on1 personal training service is for you.

If you are looking to save additional money by having a friend, family or spouse train with you? We will let you share and split the cost of our session rate with them. We call this the buddy system we will train both of you at the same time its not difficult for us and you will still get the special attention you would need. So if you feel you have someone you would like to share a session with please do not hesitate to ask. If not we still would love to have you all to ourselves :)

We Provide Easy Affordable payments

We don’t believe or require you to sign up for long term commitment to receive our affordable pricing. A lot of Gyms and personal trainers in our industry require long term contracts with Crazy cancellation fees and rigid schedules with a 24 hour Cancellation policy. We will always let you decide on what package you want, either 5 ,10 or pay as you go. We do not believe in pushing you to buy more sessions than you need, we want you to be happy with your investment with us.

Let Our Personal Trainers help you succeed By Teaching and Helping You by being Available to you!

Your training schedule is also crucial. At No Excuse Fitness we have male and female personal trainers who help you with our great availability. 5:00 o’clock in the morning to 8:00 o’clock in the evening. You can choose the most convenient and manageable time for your fitness training.

No Excuse Fitness provides a friendly atmosphere, with no hassles brought by large crowds- We are not Jam packed, with the single looking for a date gym or Oversized Warehouse Facilities with no Air conditioning With huge Monster truck tires and sledge hammers. We are a 1on1 Private Personal training Studio. If you choose to watch the news on TV or listen to the radio while you are working on your training program, we don’t mind. You may also bring a friend or family member for a complimentary session with you…everyone is welcome! Its like having your own private gym to yourself and with a few friends around. A short list of what you should expect from Us.

  1. Meal  plans that work – Forget everything you know about so called diets, we will teach you how to EAT based on your specific Genetics or Goals!!!

  2. Proper form and technique- We put our experience and knowledge at your service for maximum efficiency and greater safety. We modify workouts to each persons situation

  3. Results in 30 days- Follow our lead and you’ll see fast and guaranteed results in 30 days!

  4. Accountability and Support We care and we want you to succeed. We love what we do and helping you get the best shape of your life is our mission! We will provide you workouts and Track your food journal outside of the gym giving you the necessary Accountability you need to get Results “ Note if you don’t need help in that fine just letting you know we are here for you”

Our location is strategic and accessible We have clients that come from Huntington Beach,Santa Ana, Tustin and Laguna Beach. If you’re in Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Newport Coast and Corona Del Mar you are only minutes away!

We are an established company Some personal trainers and fitness studios have problems staying in operation within the first few years of business. We have also heard horror stories of clients paying huge upfront training packages and then at the end their trainers leave the business or the Fitness studio closes its doors. No Excuse Fitness is not your ordinary personal training studio. We have earned our legacy. We have been in business since 1996 and we keep growing and getting stronger every single year!

We have a No Excuse approach and we want you to reach your goal of becoming fit! If you’re too far from us or just want to train where you are at? No worries we can come to you! We also offer In home personal training or Online Personal training. For an additional fee we can come to your home, Office, Apartment gym or park.

Online Personal training is a perfect solution to help anyone afford to have the guidance and accountability needed to succeed just contact us for details.

 Stop Thinking of Hiring us as your Personal Trainers. Like Nike Says Just Do it! Call Us Now To Get Started!

To get started, we recommend you get in touch with us by filling out the provided form on our website or call us at (949) 313-4034. We will give you a Free Trial Workout to experience the expertise and professionalism of our Personal trainers. They are more than willing to discuss the best workout for you and your lifestyle. We understand that everyone is different so we will train you based on your individual health needs. This makes No Excuse Fitness distinct –  you will be happy about the changes you will experience. Another great thing about us is that you can get to meet the trainer that you want to hire. We understand that it is important for you to have a comfortable relationship with your trainer. Because of this, we recommend all our clients to meet us first for Free! so you get to be acquainted with our trainers and get to choose with whom you will be most comfortable training. All you have to do is give us a day and a Time you want to set for your Free 1 hour Consultation.

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